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Investing With world-famous swiss accuracy and years of analytical experience in the capital markets 

Why Mendenmein-Capital?

Continuous growth based on long-term positioning in the capital markets. Long-term position building in undervalued sectors enables above-average returns of up to several 100% for our customers.

We keep investors informed in real time through our regular updates. Investors receive detailed market analyses with entry signals in the members area.

Surgical accuracy instead of half-hearted work, what counts are results. Through in-depth Elliot Wave and Fibonacci knowledge combined with renowned indicators, we achieve a success rate of >75%.  

Mendenmein-Capital is a company based in Switzerland. From the heart of the banking city of Zurich, we create  value for thousands of readers from all over the world every week.

What we analyse

known from:

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Über mich

About us

We are Mendenmein Capital.

We are a team of once unexperienced traders who struggled to navigate  the complexity of the modern financial world. Because of this, it is a pleasure for us to share our work and experience with you!

On our path to profitable investing we dived deep into the theory of Elliotwaves and became very passionate about it, hence we designed our own trading strategy.


Whatever changes you want to make or whatever goals you want to achieve, we work with passion on getting the most value for our readers.

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