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Stock Portfolio

The stockmarket in the 21 century is the fastest and short-lived we may have ever seen, stocks come and go, hype unravels and dissapears.

Investors can get overwhelmed at the sheer amount choice they have, but often, the agony of choice isnt very pleasant. It is a good approach for investors to choose certain stocks and watch them accurately to evalute their growth chances, with technical means, indicators but also the underlying fundamental structure of a company. For most investors, this is a rather hard job to do.

This is the part, where we come in...

We watch and analyize some of the worlds biggest companies in our stock portfolio, but also smaller companies, which we believe, that have huge chances for the future. We believe that a mix of growth and value stocks will bring profit for a diversified portfolio, not only for a couple of days or weeks, but months and years to come.


We started with a portfolio of 5 stocks and are now currently analyzing a total of 12 stocks, our latests add was Palantir and Alibaba, which we believe have tremendous potential.

OUR Portfolio

plrt besser.PNG






ibm besser.PNG



mcdonalds besser.PNG






visa besser.PNG



chevron besser.PNG



cocacola besser.PNG

Coca Cola


alibaba besser.PNG






mobil besser.PNG

Exxon Mobil





What we offer

Since investing into stocks is generally more long-term oriented, we focus on providing a clear mid to long term picture for our readers. Although we face longer time periods in the stock market than in other assets, we continuously focus on lever losing track of an asset, we value to stay ahead of the market and plan for the future rather than to just react to the actions in the market.

Over the years, we have been able to identify and capitalize on strategic turning points in several assets from a variety of markets. We clearly restrain from short-term trading as part of our trading strategy and financial goal.

Our readers receive frequent updates about our featured assets, through the strategic use of elliot waves and indicators in addition, we can give an outlook not only for a couple of hours or days, but can see what an asset can or will be able to do in the next couple of months or years.

In extension to chart structures and indicator values, our readers receive reports of the featured assets in which we provide our expectations, important price levels and possible trades with a clear position management.

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