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Unpredictable booms, Ponzi schemes and unmatched volatility...

We have been analysing this market for several years in which we were able to witness the rise of this relatively young market. Cryptocurrencies offer great opportunities but also harbor risks, yet they should not be absent in any portfolio! 

Investors who buys strategically and posess the necessary calmness, can recognize great reversal points here and use tremendous chances for themselves.

As part of our investment research, we analyze a total of 6 major cryptocurrencies. Each of them is carefully selected and evaluated taking internal requirements into account. We believe that each currency has a promising future. As part of our work, we provide analysis and insights to our subscribers.

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What we offer

Since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and generate high returns over the long term, we monitor them through technical analysis. Over the years, we have been able to identify and capitalize on strategic turning points in in several assets from a variety of markets. We clearly refrain from short-term trading as part of our trading strategy and financial goal.

Our subscribers receive frequent updates about about their asset of choice, through the strategic use of elliot waves and indicators in addition, we can give a outlook not only for a couple of hours or days, but can see what a asset can or will be able to do in the next couple of months or years.

In extension to chart structures and indicator values our customers receive informational reports of their underlying asset of choice in which we present our expections, important price levels and possible trades with a clear position managment.

Image by Hans Eiskonen

Past Investments

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