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What to expect

Palantir is a relatively new listed stock with a renomated history.

Its work is very controversional and often secret from the public. Considering those facts makes it understandable that this stock scares off many investors.

We think that Palantir has a great future, once the correction we call a 1-2 is over.

We are optimistic and are currently waiting for a end of the correction so we can analyize its upwards potential and coming diffuculties. 

As already said, we are optimistic on palantirs future and are expecting a much higher price in the coming years.

Longterm expectations

At the moment we expect that Palantir is in a 1-2 movement.

We expect that the stock will end its correction in the range of $5.13 - $9.63

We strongly expect that the stock is capable of reaching new all time highs, in which we will see new highs at the $45 mark and

a longterm price target of $80 - $90



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