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Geo Group Inc - 31.03.2023

Trust me – you better hope that you will never be a customer of this company!

1M Chart - Geo Group Inc (NYSE)

For those who aren’t familiar with the Geo Group Inc, it’s a US-based international company which provides governments with private prisons and psychiatric facilities. This company has been around since 1984 and prospered on the boom of the privatization of the prison industry in the US and other countries.

But I have to say, this particular stock is a real gem for “Baby-Boomer” Investors and traders who focus on buying value stocks who are massively undervalued or just on high dividend payments. Currently, Geo Group pays no dividend in order to reduce its corporate debt and because of the lower revenue during the covid-19 pandemic in the US, which resulted in thousands of inmates being released early.

Should they ever reactivate their dividend payments, you can be thrilled for 5%-7% per year, a pretty reasonable amount if you plan on holding this stock for years,

2D Chart - Geo Group Inc (NYSE)

If you are interested in learning more about our Elliot wave count and more fundamental news, feel free to check out our YouTube channel.

I recorded a detailed video about this stock 2 weeks ago, where everything important is packed into one video.

Note: We aren’t holding any positions in Geo Group Inc, but plan on doing so, when our retracement zone will be reached.

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