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Long Position - Pepe

Dear subscribers

We are adding a position in Pepe to our altcoin portfolio. I talked about this particular Memecoin in the past on our YouTube channel. Usually, I tend to stay away from Memecoins and have never owned Dogecoin or similar coins.

However, Pepe has an absolutely stunning Elliot wave count and has the potential to create another massive hype, which I count as "Hype Wave (3)". But don't get fooled by this, such coins experience massive volatility, and many get "rug-pulled".

Pepe only represents a small fraction of our portfolio and should be treated as an investment that carries great risks! I will update everyone about this coin in the next few days. As of now, I estimate that the next wave should generate a movement of about +600%.

We are going long with the following parameters, a more detailed update will follow!

Long #1 Pepe ($PEPEUSDT)


STOP-LOSS: NONE | Very speculative trade - don't trade this with leverage

LONGTERM TARET: I will update everyone about this, but +600% should be possible

4H Chart - Pepe (Crypto Index)

Note: Keep in mind that we at Mendenmein Capital have a very well-structured strategy and a professional risk-management. Besides from our crypto portfolio, we are well positioned in different stocks and industries, keep this in mind when choosing your asset allocations. Don't risk more than you can afford to lose.

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