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Thursday Update 23.02.2023 - Bitcoin

Bitcoin 8h (Bitfinex) - Macrocount

Important: We will implement video updates in the future, to get the most value for our subscribers. Please stay tuned!

I want to make sure that I said it here again, a further expansion of wave (v) is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE. In order to sustain this bullish wave (5) alternative, bitcoin needs to massively retrace back above 25'000$ and from there on anything above 26K is possible.

Everything important is marked on the chart, feel free to ask questions if something may be unclear.

The market may have lost momentum and as of now it may look like we established the top of the big wave (i), but just keep in mind that especially in crypto, wave 5 impulses can expand drastically. The upcoming days should clear things up, and we will update our subscribers if necessary.

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole market could expand further, and therefore we won't close any positions in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.




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